Whats New This Week ! (14/04/19)

Whats New This Week ! (14/04/19)

We're expecting both Star Wars The Black Series Wave 20 and General Grievous on or about Wednesday the 17/4.

Pre-orders will open just as soon as pricing and availability is completely locked down.

It's worth popping over to the product pages and signing up for email alerts so you can be notified as soon as they're available for purchase.

Star Wars The Black Series

Upcoming Releases

There's quite a lot coming up over the next few months, here's some details for the major releases coming soon:

Marvel Legends Endgame Wave 1 - Expected 26 May

Assortment includes:

  • Captain America
  • Ronin
  • Ebony Maw
  • Citizen V
  • Living Laser
  • Hercules
  • Nighthawk
  • Thanos BAF

Marvel Legends X-Men Wave 4 (Caliban BAF) - May Release

Assortment includes:

  • Gambit
  • Beast
  • Weapon X
  • Forge
  • Blink
  • Jubilee
  • Skullbuster

Star Wars The Black Series Wave 21 - July

Assortment includes:

  • Obi Wan Kenobi (Phantom Menace)
  • BT-1
  • Chopper
  • Ezra Bridger
  • Doctor Aphra
  • 0-0-0 (Triple Zero)

We're also expecting a restock of Transformers Siege Hound this week, with Mega Construx Battle for Eternia (He-Man 5 Pack) not too far behind it.

A restock of Star Wars The Black Series Zuckuss has been secured and should be about three weeks away. There is one damaged copy (box has a corner ding) that is available for $42, should anyone wish to purchase it please email us by clicking here .

If anybody have any questions at all please feel free to email us at :

14th Apr 2019 Brendan Allen

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