Collector's Radar April 2019!

Collector's Radar April 2019!

We’ve a whole bunch of great new releases incoming this month and next!

Avengers Endgame isn’t far away and the matching Marvel legends wave is right behind it, as is the long anticipated X-Men wave!

For Star Wars Both General Grevious and Wave 20 are coming in hot and early, expected within a couple of weeks.

Transformers fans will enjoy some restocks of highly sought after figures as the Siege explosion continues to burn.

Lets have a closer look!

Star Wars The Black Series:

Prequel fans have a tonne to be excited about this month with Hasbro pumping out a range of great Black Series figures.

General Grevious is finally here, a figure that tops a lot of people's most wanted lists. I honestly wasn't sure if it would ever happen but here he is in all his four-armed glory. The General arrives with 4 lightsabers and a blaster as well a cape. Product pics show an amount of added weathering and some interesting joints that we're all looking forward to posing.

Star Wars The Black Series Wave 20 is expected around the same time and is sure to go well. Han Solo (Mimban) was a massive hit in the Force Link 3.75" range and this release is sure to be the same. Battle Droids are here for the Army builders among us along with Padme Amidala, Dryden Vos, and Vice Admiral Holdo. Mace Windu is a standout, the figure has been reviewed very well and is a must have for any Jedi Collector.

Marvel Legends

Endgame is nearly here, and so is its corresponding Marvel Legends Wave!

I can't wait to get up close and posing with Ronin! Captain America is back as always along with some interesting figures. Hercules and NightHawk are both figures fans will love. Citizen V and the Living Laser also look like a bunch of fun. Ebony Maw was a notable omission to last years releases and will fill a gap for a lot of toy collectors.

Opinions are differing about the new Thanos BAF, an in hand look will be a better verdict on the new armour.

Transformers War For Cybertron Siege

We've restocks of both Deluxe Class Hound and Sideswipe incoming soon, both were hot sellers when first released. If you missed out be sure to pop in to the product pages to sign up for email alerts for these!

3rd Apr 2019 Brendan Allen

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