Upcoming Releases Update!

Upcoming Releases Update!

Hi Everone!

We've started a Facebook group to better keep everyone updated, there'll be updates polls and specials announced there. You're also free to discuss your collection and share pics!

Greenlight Toys And Action Figure Group

There's a few releases coming up. At this stage we're expecting the following :

20 FEB

Star Wars The Black Series :

Zeus, Grand Moff Tarkin, Vesta Guard, Herme, Death Squad Commander, Jawa

Early March

Marvel Legends Deadpool Wave
Deadpool, Deadpool ( X-Force), Deathlok, X-23, Cable, Paladin, Domino 

30 MAR

Marvel Legends Infinity War Wave

28 APR


These are coming on the classic style cardbacks and I'm told the quality of the figures is definitely up to standard. I'm personally really pumped for this one!

Please keep in mind that the release dates are approximate, and may vary slightly. 

Anyway I'll have pre orders up for these soon on our website, you're welcome to order there or contact me directly via email, phone or Facebook.


9th Feb 2018 Brendan Allen

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