Toy Reel's "The Collector's Table " Show Review

Toy Reel's "The Collector's Table " Show Review

Toy Reel’s “The Collectors Table” is a new toy review show on Youtube. Australian produced and hosted, it fills a needed space amongst the current offerings.

Using a panel format Clinton, Simon and Ben unbox and review a host of new and recent release action figures.

The first episode weighs in at 1hr and encompasses everything from Articulated Icons, to Star Wars the Black Series. The feel is relaxed and patient with attention given to all aspects of the figures.

It’s no small thing that this show adds an Aussie Collector’s perspective, the majority of quality content available to collectors is from the U.S in which availability and price vary dramatically in comparison. The hosts are knowledgeable and patient as they offer their thoughts on each figure.

The guys have found a nice balance between enjoyment and instruction in their reviews. While thorough in their critique’s, the glee with which a collector opens a new toy is always present.

I’m looking forward to watching this show develop. It’s produced with an eye for quality and no doubt will develop a following.

27th Aug 2018 Brendan Allen

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