​Star Wars The Black Series - Our Top Ten Most Wanted

​Star Wars The Black Series - Our Top Ten Most Wanted

Star Wars The Black Series - Top Ten Most Wanted

The Star Wars Universe is vast and expansive as is the cast of characters. We’ll never approach a complete set of our favourites but it’s fun to speculate as to what may come and talk about what we’d like to see.

Below I’ve listed my personal ten most wanted, it’s far from a balanced or comprehensive list but it marks off those I’d be most excited about.

#10 Jedi Temple Guards

Yep, I want heaps of ‘em. Sell them in two packs and ship them my way please! I can’t get enough of this design and all it invokes. The mystery of who is underneath the mask and images of the temple itself all come to mind. Not to mention Double bladed Lightsaber pikes!!

#9 General Obi Wan Kenobi

I know we have a few versions of this dashing gent already, but I feel incomplete without a General Obi Wan in my collection. The aesthetic would be awesome and would call back to all the fond memories of The Clone Wars.

#8 Wicket

That’s right, I want an Ewok. In fact I want a whole bunch of them, I’ll settle for just Wicket though. I’ll pop him in the garden and just snap away, I’ll hide him in between the kids fairies, I’ll make displays in which he hunts Porgs, there’s so much fun to be had!

#7 General Grevious

I’ve got to have him in for two main reasons.One, everyone wants it. This guy has been on the want list of so many people for so long. Two, can they pull it off? A 6” Grevious would be a task to design and produce, especially considering the demands of the fan base. Multiple limbs, accessories and that cloak. Hell I’ll buy one just as a show of appreciation to the people of Hasbro

#6 Garazeb “Zeb” Orrelios

We’re getting so close to a full Ghost crew if you consider what’s in production, and if it’s going to happen we need it soon. The bulk of the character would make a brilliant figure, and it would be great to see Hasbro nail his features.

#5 Mon Mothma

The collection will always feel incomplete without the leader of the Rebel Alliance. While it’s a small role in the movies, she’s the focal point of the leadership and of some key scenes. I’d love to see a Home One Briefing Diorama with Mon Mothma at the centre!

#4 Luke (Crait Force Projection)

Yes, this may seem superfluous but it’s the Luke I wanted to see post ROTJ. I don’t mind the Space Jesus version, but on Crait I feel I saw the Luke Skywalker I’d been looking forward to for all those years. This version would fit in with so many places in time and would blend in to so many more scenes. It just seems more appropriate to me and I’d love a six inch version.

#3 Asajj Ventress

This character is just so incredibly interesting and well designed., A major figure in the Clone Wars Series, former Padawan and former Sith apprentice Ventress is a major absence in the Black Series line. I can’t believe that a figure would be anything but a sure hit.

#2 Mara Jade

We’ve got this one in the 3.75 inch range and I’m happy with mine. I can’t help feeling that a better, more stylish version is possible and essential. Whether it’s an the Emperor’s Hand or the Jedi Master a 6” figure would look awesome on any shelf.

#1 Wedge Antilles

With all the vehicle releases we’re seeing recently, I’ve begun to froth at the mouth for a Red 2 Wedge Antilles and his T-65b X-Wing. The scale would probably be off, and the price point would be hard to achieve but the X-Wing is a thing of beauty and Wedge is a constant in my experience of the Star Wars universe.

From Red Squadron to Rogue and Wraith Leader all the way to General (Yes I know this is Legends now) Wedge has been a mainstay in the content I’ve loved. To have a representation of those stories on the shelf would be a source of excitement.

Well that’s my hopes and dreams for line. What’s yours? Let us know on our Facebook page!

31st Aug 2018 Brendan Allen

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